'Supergirl' And 'The Flash' News & Update: In ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ Crossover, Will Barry and Karry Get Romantic?

By Kanika Gupta - 08 Jun '16 19:17PM

It has been reported previously that "Supergirl" season 2 will now be aired on CW after moving from CBS network. After this move, many fans speculated that "Supergirl" and "The Flash" will make a good tandem. In fact, there are also rumors that the two shows may even crossover.

According to Grant Gustin, "The Flash" star, the fans can expect to see more crossovers in the coming time. "We had a really fun dynamic, and I think next year, there's probably more crossovers than we've ever had," Gustin told DC All Access.

Grant also added that he is open to romance "Supergirl." "I think [Barry and Kara] would make a great couple," he said, when asked about potential romance between the two superheroes.

Even though Grant thinks that Barry and Kara will make a good pair, Melissa Benoist, "Supergirl" star, thinks otherwise. "I don't know that they'd ever get together. I think they're too similar. I think they'd like pig out on..I think they're pals, pigging out on ice cream," Benoist said with regards to a possible romance between "Supergirl" and "The Flash."

There have also been reports indicating that it is better for the two superheroes to just be pals. Since Kara and Barry have their own individual love interest, it is best that they remain friends. In fact, Kara has already found her love interest in James Olsen. Meanwhile, Barry continues to be involved with Iris, even though their romance has been struggling for sometime.

"She's really, really strong, and he's really, really fast. I just...the mind boggles. BE THAT AS IT MAY, I agree that Kara and Barry are besties more than anything else," said the Mary Sue if the two superheroes will pair up.

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