Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani News Update: Blake Opens Up On Twitter About Speculations

By Dipannita - 08 Jun '16 15:05PM

Blake Shelton recently took to Twitter, when he spent an hour talking and interacting with his fans. His light heartedness was a subject of great joy and appreciation from fans, as he gave his Twitter followers exactly what they were looking for.

Amidst dwelling on silly humors and cracking jokes on his going to jail and consuming too much rice wine, he also revealed about his engagement and love towards Gwen Stefani.

On being proposed by a Twitter fan, Blake jokingly replied that he is already married with twins. This response came as a reply to an alleged rumor stating that Gwen was pregnant with twins.

According to reports, Blake had asked Gwen to avoid sharing her love and feelings via social media, but this seemed untrue with Blake's interaction on Twitter, which revealed the opposite. Rather, he has no issues with Gwen sharing her love story over social media.

In the open ended Twitter session, Blake also revealed that the next number in his album, 'If I'm Honest' would be one of the many songs deliberating on his love life with Gwen, rather it would be based on a breakup theme 'She's Got a Way With Words". The song, however, has raised a few eyebrows as the harsh lyrics of the song has encouraged the fans to speculate as to whether the song is dedicated to Miranda Lambert.

The song, as per Blake, follows a tongue in a cheek theme, and was penned by him before separating from Miranda. Apart from that, there has been certain similarities which have been drawn, connecting it to Miranda but nothing concrete has been revealed as of yet. Also, there is no official date for the release of the song as well.

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