The world is on the edge of a US-Russia nuke wipeout war: Chomsky

By R. Siva Kumar - 21 Dec '14 13:20PM

Renowned commentator Noam Chomsky says that the US-Soviet war is taking the world on the brink of a Cold War that threatens to wipe out the world.

The threat of a nuclear war is hanging over the world again, ominously, adds the scholar, to RT's Sophie&Co. It looks like both the US and Russia seem to be on the track of another Cold War.

Pointing out that the war would be caused by the expansion of borders right up to Russia, Chomsky recalls that the NATO has shifted its goal completely since it was set up. Its goal now is to just take over global energy systems, not merely maintain "intergovernmental military balance".

The threat of a nuclear war is so close that it could decimate all its initiators. It is a reality, not just a fact from history, says Chomsky.

 He adds that a nuclear war would be a horrible "worst-case scenario". The states that start the war will both be completely wiped out. While it is a gruesomely worrying case, many times the world has come close to it. It might even happen again due to not planned strategies, but just "accidental interactions" that almost take the world to the edge of destruction, he explains.

A lot of shifts in thought patterns seem to be current on the US attitude, Arundhati Roy, Booker Prize winner, says in that the list of countries attacked by the US includes Korea, Guatemala, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Libya, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan, along with covert operations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, which includes the "coups it has engineered, and the dictators it has armed and supported."

She also includes Israel's U.S.-backed war on Lebanon, its key role played in the conflict in the Middle East and Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian territory. America's role in Afghanistan in the 1980s, killing more than one million, embargos and sanctions leading to deaths in Iraq are part of the list.

Hence, the US role seems to have threatened the delicate precipice of peace due to its involvement in Middle Eastern affairs and damaging regional conflicts, according to Chomsky. He compares the US invasion of Iraq to hitting with a "sledgehammer".

Another worrying situation is the US' expanding spy network, which is impacting and influencing domestic as well as global governments to repeat the incident. Chomsky also mentions former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Warning that the world is heading towards disaster, he said a couple of months ago in an interview, that an investigation of the history of confrontations with nuclear weapons shows how close the world has come to "self-annihilation" so many times that escape has been "a near miracle".

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