Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors and Release Date: Will Samsung Unveil Note 7 Tomorrow?

By Peter R - 01 Jun '16 12:14PM

A major Samsung Galaxy Note 6 leak last weekend may be well-timed given the prospects of the phone's launch on Thursday.

New reports last weekend suggested Samsung will skip Note 6 and name this year's phablet Note 7. This is to bring congruence between the Note line of devices and its flagship Galaxy 'S' series; Samsung had launched Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge earlier this year but skipped the launch of S7 Edge+.

Rumor mills suggested Samsung is testing two phablets, one a flat screen device and another with edge screen display. Both these devices could feature QHD screens, octa-core Snapdragon chipsets and as much as 8 GB of RAM. Samsung was reportedly not sure if should prefer edge display over flat screen. By launching a device with edge screen and calling it the Note 7, Samsung could bring in a worthy replacement for Edge + devices and besides introducing naming uniformity.

Samsung may also have learnt lessons from its marketing efforts of yesteryears before deciding to skip Note 6. According to various reports, the flagship Galaxy S7 devices may make Note 6 seem like last year's device. Given that the Note 6 has to also compete with the iPhone 7 Pro later this year, Samsung is keen to get its branding right.

The company is sending out for a surprise June 2 press event where the Gear Fit 2 and other wearables could be revealed. Though a Note unveiling seems unlikely, it has been not been ruled out. Rumors suggest that the new Note will could be powered by either Snapdragon or Samsung's latest Exynos chipsets under 5.8-inch screens. If Samsung does indeed unveil the Note 6/7 on Thursday, it could be a major break from convention. 

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