NCIS Season 14 Update: Gary Glasberg Signs For More Episodes Of The Season As New Cast Is To Be Introduced

By Bisma Kaleem - 30 May '16 12:28PM

Gary Glasberg introduced a surprise when he recognized Michael Weatherly's withdrawal from the show. Also known as the central character, we all know the reason of gluing ourselves to the marvel as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo stole the limelight in the American based crime procedural drama.

Just so when the viewers were grasping onto DiNozzo's intrepid and enthralling personality, he renounced the show and would not be returning for the approaching season of NCIS, thus calling it quit for all time.

Season 13th ended with a lot of drama. An incorporation of passion, action as well as suspense, the frontmen decided to alter the plot as to assist Weatherly's exit from the show and the season finale titled as 'Family First', substantiated it all.

Aired on 17th May, DiNozzo was seen stepping down from his exquisite place as he found out he had a secret daughter with his lover on the show, Ziva David. The poignant episode realized DiNozzo of his fatherly duties due to which he decided to let go of his crime solving instincts.

But the upcoming season will definitely be novel in its approach. The first season post DiNozzo's exit will be an interesting one as fans can't wait to see the modifications made in the division. Broadcasted in July, the filming for the sensation will take place in Santa Clarita, California.

Even though DiNozzo has already said his goodbyes to the enthusiasts, the show will see new faces of the luminaries which includes Sarah Clarke (Tess Monroe) and Duane Henry (Clayton Reeves). The show will probably be stretched for a little while as Gary Glasberg has signed a three year extension deal with CBS to keep on producing the series.

NCIS has been the most-watched drama on CBS, rendering 18.01 million viewers, globally. It was also ranked as the week's most watched programs and came in the third place among 18 to 49 year olds, maintains Latin Post.


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