Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News, Release Date and Rumors: Here's Why Microsoft Won't Do A June Launch

By Peter R - 30 May '16 11:04AM

It has been less than a year since Microsoft launched Surface Pro 4 and rumors are already doing rounds that a new Surface tablet will be launched this June to counter Apple's device releases during WWDC. Microsoft users however are not buying into it.

Surface Pro 4 launched with much fanfare but initial users reported problems, including some with battery drain. Microsoft later pegged those issues to early adoption of the Intel Skylake processors (Apple had moved to Skylake only this year). They were soon fixed and Surface Pro 4 now seems to be following the Surface Pro 3's footsteps in success. It is unlikely for the Redmond giant to disturb the ride while the competition is still behind in hardware terms.

Many reports have suggested that Microsoft will release Surface Pro 5 in June to counter Apple's recent launch of MacBook and the impending launch of MacBook Pro. If that indeed happens, it must be noted that Microsoft would have little to offer this year, other than updated Windows 10 should it decide to launch a new tablet; a new Intel processor is not expected until next year. The improbability of A June launch notwithstanding, some users are wondering if they should wait for Surface Pro 5 launch.

"As I approach purchase decision time, I see that June may bring the Surface 5, and while I'm not thrilled about being Microsoft's beta tester aka early adopter, if the 5 offers a 32 gig of RAM option, it's going to be hard not to pull the trigger and buy the damned thing," a Reddit user wrote.

New reports claim that Microsoft is could launch Surface Pro 5 in March 2017. This fits with earlier reports from credible industry sources that claimed the next Surface hybrid tablet could launch with Windows 10 Redstone 2 with the Intel's Kaby Lake processors.

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