WWE Rumors: Find Out Who Cody Rhodes Wants To Wrestle With

By Jenn Loro - 30 May '16 11:03AM

Cody Rhodes is now officially off-leash from WWE after his decade-long career with the promotion. The wrestler now finds himself as one of the most sought-after commodity in the pro wrestling world as a free agent. Recently, the six-time tag champion posted a snapshot of a handmade list on his Twitter page suggesting some big names for a possible in-ring showdown.

Interestingly, nearly all names included on the said list coincidentally competed with Ring of Honor. Rhodes was released from this professional contract with WWE last week. However, as per the 90-day non-compete clause, he is now allowed to sign in with another pro wrestling promotion until mid-August.

According to Wrestle Zone, the list includes Ring of Honor names like Adam Cole, the Young Bucks, Moose, Roderick Strong, "The Miracle" (probably TNA star Mike Bennett), and Kurt Angle. The wish list also mentioned other goals like a 'personal ring announcer' (which could be his wife and former WWE announcer Eden Stiles) and a so-called 'streamers thing.'

WhatCulture speculated that once the 90-day non-compete clause expires, Rhodes is likely to land a juicy deal in an independent wrestling circuit or become a regular fixture in the Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, or New Japan Pro Wrestling events.

Rhodes' stint in the WWE was characterized by a string of challenges. Despite his immense talent, WWE's creative management failed to maximize his potential and even beat him down with lackluster gimmick that yielded a much expected disappointing result.

The thirty-year-old wrestler indicated that he initially hoped to stay with WWE for as long as he can and even talked about wrestling until 40. But his hopes were quashed due to his failed 'Stardust' gimmick, Inquisitr reported. Amid the twists and turns in his wrestling career, Rhodes will head on to try greener pastures where his talent could get the proper recognition it deserves.

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