'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, News & Update: Title Not Launching at E3 2016; Expected to Come Out in April

By Kanika Gupta - 21 May '16 20:34PM

There are many reports claiming that the upcoming iteration of "Kingdom Hearts" will be announced at E3 this year. While many fans are hoping to get more information about the much awaited game title, some even expecting for the game to release at the said event. However, it seems it is unlikely for it to be launched anytime in 2016.

Jakejame Lugo, senior editor of The Koalition, discredited the reports that pegged the release of game title at E3 2016. While no specific release date was mentioned, he also didn't dispute the claims that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will come out on the consoles next year. Since Square Enix never officially announced the release of the game, the delay is not very surprising.

Previous reports attribute the delay to "Final Fantasy 15" amongs the reasons why "KH3" will not come out this year.

All the fans who are still wondering when "Kingdom Hearts 3" will finally be out, Square Enix's latest financial reports hint that the upcoming title will be released sometime in April 2017. While the fans will have to be patient to play the game, more details are expected to be available at E3. Square Enix is likely to disclose the game development progress, as well as the details about the much-awaited RPG. Apart from the game details that are anticipated at E3, news reports also believe that more information will be revealed at the "Kingdom Hearts" concert.

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