WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens Reportedly Getting a Career Lift This Year

By Jenn Loro - 21 May '16 12:23PM

WWE star Kevin Owens is probably heading for a major career lift at the world's biggest pro wrestling promotion. He has demonstrated quite a lot of impressive feats since making it to WWE NXT a little more than a year ago where he cultivated good first impression by burying down his ex-best buddy Sami Zayn in a match that catapulted him to the NXT championship title.

Although relatively new compared to WWE veterans who have made great strides in the path to glory, Owens is just starting his. According to Wrestle Zone, Owens has just reached a milestone as the second pro wrestler active on the WWE lineup to appear on every pay-per-view main card in his first year. In comment by a Reddit user, The Undertaker was reportedly the first one to do so.

After nabbing the title from Zayn, Owens hold on it dearly until losing it to Finn Balor in July last year. Nevertheless, his heel appeal cannot be denied even more so when he cleanly put John Cena down in a non-title match at WWE Elimination Chamber during his first ever match fight on WWE Raw.

Of course, the 15-time World Heavyweight Champion would not let it pass so he took his revenge at Owens in a rematch at WWE Money in the Bank. As reported by Sportskeeda, since that event, Owens have been a familiar face in every WWE pay-per-view and exclusive Network events.

Meanwhile, as his popularity with a strong and ever growing fanbase shoots up, Owens is reportedly getting geared up for a major event after wrapping up an interesting rivalry storyline with Sami Zayn. There is a possibility of a brief revisit before moving on to a more ambitious career lift.

As per one theory explained in a report by the Inquistr, Owens could be slated to win the Money in the Bank ladder match which would give him the credible push he needed to establish himself as a top wrestling talent and give WWE a good way to put him in the limelight without throwing him in the ring yet with the veterans in the WWE World Title scene. The plan, as the report goes, is to further build his image as one of WWE's top heel before giving him a shot at the World title.

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