Clash of Clans Update: Friendly Challenges, New Spells, Upgrades, Tweaks And More This May

By Peter R - 21 May '16 09:15AM

Supercell has detailed an update for Clash of Clans that brings major tweaks to Friendly Challenge.

Friendly Challenge was announced a while ago and received feedback from players to improve it. Accordingly, Supercell announced that layouts modified 24 hours before a challenge will not be available if players are TH 9 or above. However, players at TH 8 and below will not face such restrictions. Additionally, scouting on War Preparation Day will not show an opponent's war base. Instead, players can see active village layouts to prevent copying of layouts for practice.

"Why do this? Without this change to Scouting, the Friendly Challenge cool down would have to be 48-hours to prevent any possibility of "war practice," Supercell wrote.

What is most interesting about the update perhaps is the Skeleton Spell that allows TH 9 players to summon army of the dead anywhere on the battlefield!

In other news regarding the May update, Supercell announced balancing through new levels including TH 11, canon level 14, lava hound level 4 and balloon level 7.

"In Town Hall 11, air armies have dwindled in popularity. These new levels should help revitalize high-level air armies while helping to defend against the ground rush," Supercell wrote.

That apart, Supercell announced tweaks to bowler housing space by reducing it to 6 for TH 10+ players.

"Bowlers just didn't seem to be providing enough value for an 8 housing space unit, and the bulky size made him a tough fit in a well-rounded army," Supercell explained.

Other features of the update include tools to make layout edits easier, public viewing of war longs unless disabled in clan settings, a count of spectators during an attack and a revamped chat stream. Supercell also announced spring trap level 2-5 at TH 7+.

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