Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors and Release Date: Hybrid Laptop Slated for 2017 Release Along With New OS

By Jenn Loro - 19 May '16 16:37PM

Microsoft seemed to have found a way out of the Android-vs.-iOS cutthroat competition by focusing on a niche market for hybrid lineup. With the success of its Surface Pro lines, the Redmond-based tech giant is reportedly gunning for a 2017 release of its highly anticipated Surface Pro 5 hybrid which coincides with next year's release of Windows 10 Redstone 2 OS.

As noted by BitBag, the apparent delay in the much awaited release of Microsoft's latest hybrid flagship was due to some timeframe issues regarding Microsoft's intent to use Intel's Kaby Lake processor for its upcoming device. The reputable and highly trusted chipmaker cannot guarantee on mass producing its much-talked-about computer processor within a highly squeezed timeframe. The situation forces the software giant to push back the product release until the Intel-made chipsets arrive.

In addition, Surface Pro 5 will reportedly arrive with a pre-installed Windows 10 Redstone OS, a significant Windows update that offers more powerful and exciting features including a 7-hour battery life, Christian Times reported. As of press time, Redstone 2 is not yet ready for roll out so Microsoft would still need to work on the software to make it fully functional by the time Intel is also ready for Kaby Lake mass production.

The abovementioned factors have placed the company in such a difficult position in terms of juggling both projects at the same time pushing Microsoft to postpone the release of the product sometime next year.

In a separate but related development, retail stores across the US and elsewhere have offered a price markdown on earlier models, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4, in anticipation of the purported release of Surface Pro 5 time soon this year. But as Christian Daily pointed out, the move was a logical step to increase Pro 4 sales. Compared to earlier Surface Pro devices, Pro 4 was a major disappointment due to a number of bugs. The discounted devices are reportedly armed with software bug fixes.

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