Mike Brown shooting: Ferguson, MO police aim rifles at peaceful protesters, arrest journalists

By Dustin M Braden - 13 Aug '14 21:15PM

Numerous reports and images show that police in Ferguson, Missouri aimed their weapons at peaceful crowds of protesters and arrested journalists, a violation of the First Amendment.

Numerous images showed SWAT officers on top of armored vehicles with their fingers on the trigger and eyes looking down the sights.

One officer can be seen aiming at protesters in the top right of the photograph below.

Another officer in the top left of this photograph can be seen aiming in a similar manner.

There were also zoomed in images of the officers aiming at the peaceful protesters.

The militarized police forces also arrested journalists on the scene.

In a phone call to "All In with Chris Hayes" the Huffinton Post journalist Ryan J. Reilly said the officers refused to identify themselves. He also says the slammed his head into glass as they arrested.

The Washington Post Journalist Wesley Lowery echoed these claims.

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