Pokémon GO Release Date Update: Beta Testing Continues As Shown In Leaked Videos

By Jenn Loro - 18 May '16 09:56AM

A closed beta field testing for the Pokémon Go, Niantic's augmented reality version of the mobile game, has been going on across various locations around the world for the past few months. Video footages from beta testers have been leaked already although most of them, if not all, have been taken down online as the game developers intensify their crackdown on leaksters.

New roundups churning out from rumor mill in game land suggest that new updates from beta testers might give a clue of the games forthcoming public release.

If statements from the so-called Silph Road- a community composed of 'Pokémon Go' beta testers- are of any indication, the beta version's recent update may arrive sooner than expected.

Update 0.21.2 was reportedly rolled out along with a slew of bug fixes and user interface enhancements to improve the smoothness of the overall gameplay.

According to Vine Report, navigating through the game's various options including the Pokedex or Pokémon list is reportedly a lot easier and smoother. Furthermore, stopping by at Pokestops, going to Pokémon Gym Battles, as well as encounters with wild Pokémon have so far improved.

As perceived by beta testers, the update is the strongest indication yet that Niantic is transitioning the game for a public release as it enters the final stages of the beta testing period.

However, there are still some important elements of the game that remain missing such as the lack of an online or offline PvP system. So far, beta testing seems to support only Gym Battles between players as per Neurogadget report. In addition, the ability to trade Pokemons is conspicuously absent. Nevertheless, players hope that such missing features will be added later on when the game is ready for official launch.

Meanwhile, Niantic has just announced the expansion of the beta field test to the United States. Registration is open to everyone by signing up on Niantic's official website, Game Spot revealed. Applicants shall be required to provide an email address (must be Gmail) and indicate ownership of either iOS or Android device.

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