Eight-Year Old Breast Cancer Patient from Utah Now In Remission

By Jenn Loro - 17 May '16 13:55PM

The world's youngest patient to be diagnosed with breast cancer is now in remission. Eight-year-old Chrissy Turner from Utah had underwent a mastectomy back in December last year as the most preferred treatment for secretory breast carcinoma, a very rare form of breast cancer that affects one in every million people mostly adult women.

The news of her diagnoses quickly caught on the headlines around the world and even attracted the attention of leading medical experts in oncology in the United States and elsewhere. The rare form of breast cancer was originally believed to occur mostly in young girls but majority of cases involved both adult men and women, Nature World News reported. Now that the little girl is in remission, Chrissy is now back to normal life as she continues dreaming of becoming a dragon rider someday.

"It was the hardest thing we've ever gone through as a family," Chrissy's mom, Annette Turner, 43, as quoted by People Magazine in an exclusive interview. "But Chrissy is a fighter. We're hopeful that the worst is behind us. She's feeling better now and there are more smiles. Life is good."

Amid financial difficulties surrounding Chrissy's medical saga, friends, family, and supporters started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for her treatment. She was diagnosed with Secretory Breast Carcinoma after her parents insisted on having an ultrasound for their daughter after a lump was discovered on her right nipple that was extremely painful to touch.

She then went through mastectomy to remove her right breast. Although now in remission, she still needs to go through a series of medications and tests. At a tender age, the eight-year old Utah native is now a survivor of cancer like her parents. Her mother survived cervical cancer while her dad Troy Turner, an equipment specialist at Hill Air Force Base, also overcame his ordeal against Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

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