New York Governor Cuomo Discusses Package To Fight HIV/AIDS Epidemic

By R. Siva Kumar - 17 May '16 09:44AM

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced on May 15 a legislation package to reduce the number of AIDS/HIV cases by 2020. It is a package similar to earlier efforts in making New York provide quality treatment to HIV/AIDS patients.

"New York State is leading by example in the fight against AIDS, and the initiatives in this legislation are key to building on the progress we have already made," Cuomo said 

By increasing testing and fighting the obstacles in the way of people who are getting treated, New York is adopting a holistic method to fight the epidemic. He said New York will fight to the finish.

The legislative package  has planned to expand the number of people who will remain in care, by enabling sharing of information with coordinators, other managers, and systems. With more widespread testing methods and expanding the age limit for the testing, which is currently only 64 years old, the package aims at more inclusion. It also encompasses minors. Finally, STD testing and access to preventative care services have also been included.

Currently, Cuomo is in a drive to bring down the number of HIV/AIDS cases in New York state from 3,000 to 750 per year by 2020. The campaign is already receiving a lot of support and has hearteningly brought down the number of mother-to-child HIV transmissions to zero for more than 17 months now.

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