Kpop News: SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo apologizes for past negative comments on Girls Generation

By Lord Justin Castillo - 10 May '16 10:04AM

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo asks for an apology for his controversy being an anti to Girls Generation before.

Wonwoo's negative remarks about Girls Generation have surfaced throughout the social media. His past posts labeling the members of Girls Generation as ugly, about the girl's plastic surgery, and writing hateful posts towards the members. Wonwoo reached his apology through writing a handwritten letter and shared it to his fancafe.

Wonwoo's letter of Apology reads,

"Hello, this is Wonwoo.

 I want to apologize first for everyone who I have hurt by this matter.

I am writing this letter as an acknowledgment that this is the right thing to do to admit and ask apology for the past mistakes I made. Instead of making excuses by saying it was unethical mistakes I made since I was still young or that I didn't remember doing it at all. I know this is what I should do, that's why I'm writing this.

Even though I wrote it when I was young, it is definitely something I wrote, and I am sorry to the Girls' Generation sunbaenims, their fans, to the Carats as well who were hurt by this. I am also sorry to the members, who worked hard together to become Seventeen together.

If I think about it now, I was so immature. I was thinking plainly about the stars on television, and I never thought about how the words I said would hurt other people.

During middle school, after I became a trainee to become Seventeen, I realized the weight that the people who stand on stage have to carry. I realized how many people work hard for one person to stand on stage. After I became Seventeen and stood on stage and learned what kind of feelings people have on stage, I realized the meaning of standing on stage. I sincerely felt how amazing it was for the Girls' Generation sunbaenims to stand on stage, and respected them. I also learned how responsible I have to be in this field with the fans' love. While getting attention from the public, I learned about the effects of a single post, and how the person reading it felt. Because of this, I am even more reflecting on my actions.

I don't dare ask for forgiveness. I only want to reflect endlessly about my actions and apologize to the Girls' Generation sunbaenims. Even when I look back on myself, the thoughtless posts were improper, and they were actions that could have hurt someone, so I can't even raise my head because I am so sorry.

I will work hard never to disappoint again. I will read all the criticism and advice on my immature actions and never forget them. Also, please continue to teach me. I apologize once again.

I am sorry."  (Transcribed letter from Allkpop)

His label Pledis Entertainment also commented, "He desire to apologize in his way instead reaching it to the label, he realized this may be the best way to express his feelings, so we are exposing this after a lot of consideration.

The label also asks for an apology regarding their role as a guardian towards their talent by saying, "We're sorry for not attaining our role as a guardian."

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