‘Once Upon A Time’ Review and News Update: Last Rites Saw the Demise of a Fan Favorite Character

By Dipannita - 10 May '16 09:27AM

The penultimate episode of 'Once Upon A Time' did have a sting in the tale. When it seemed that it was all done with the Underworld, Storybrooke experienced another death in the fifth season of the drama.

While in a serious battle against Hades, Robin Hood met his end. This demise was much unexpected and did cause a lot of sorrow amongst fans as he proved to be fan-favorite and a regular character of the series. Robin Hood was then honored with a grand funeral, with his daughter facilitating the funeral process and getting named in the funeral.

In the confrontation scene, Hades was about to point his Olympian crystal at Robin Hood's true love Regina when her he stepped forward and sacrificed his life for her. He showed his true love for his love and unfortunately died before her eyes. At this juncture, Zelena withdrew her support from Hades, and finally killed him to give an end to the battle.

Sunday's episode was an extremely emotional one, which did break the hearts of many fans, especially due to the demise of the fan favorite Robin Hood.

According to reports, co-creator Adam Horowitz has said that the finale episodes would see a lot of topsy-turvy in the life of Regina. The plot would be intensely centered towards her to decipher how she feels about everything. On the part of Regina, she did have a fair share of grief and sorrow throughout the season, which started with losing her first love, Daniel. He was killed by his mother Cora. Apart from that, both her parents moved to the Underworld in this season. However, nothing was bigger than the loss of her true love - Robin.

However, given the magical genre of the series 'Once Upon A Time', fans still expect a return of their favorite Robin Hood as a return trip - all of which is still yet to be explored.

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