Pokémon GO Release Date Update: Game Evolution Exposed In Leaked Video

By Jenn Loro - 07 May '16 09:19AM

Latest roundups coming from beta field testers has emerged fueling a stream of speculations on augmented reality mobile game 'Pokémon Go'.

Just recently, some uploaded video clips just spilled the beans about the process of evolution in the said game. As per Vine Report, the game is currently undergoing beta field tests across a number of countries like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. While the Pokémon Company earnestly tries to keep the game testers from revealing a stuff or two about the game, some players just simply break the rules and update the rest of the gaming world online.

A new leaked YouTube footage, which has since been removed by the user named Lorenz Villahermosa, previously showed the tester using evolution shards to make his Abra turn into a Kadabra. His other Pokémon collection includes Ninetales, Ponyta, and Krabby. The process of evolution goes through a number of stages where players could get a bird's eye view of the Pokémon's type, size, weight, HP, and other profile-related info.

In a Cinema Blend report on the game, the graphics that accompanied the evolution of the Pokémon was praiseworthy. The change now shows a swirling light encapsulating the Pokémon while it levitates before morphing into an advanced creature. This is clear departure from the usual flashing of light that comes before the Pokémon. One option also gives players the option to release the Pokémon to the wild or not.

Meanwhile, there a number of things that beta testers noticed as they went through the game. As per ComicBook.Com, there were some new variations to the biomes. Some of the gamers also speculated about 'rare spots' where rare and unusual Pokemons could spawn. These so-called 'rare spots' could be roughly similar to gyms and Poke-stops that are tied to particular landmarks or destinations in the map.

Another observation is that the weather appeared to have an effect on Pokemons' spawn rate. In a recent rain storm, for example, water Pokemons began spawning in places where 'urban' Pokemons like Rattata and Magnemite make frequent appearances.

As of this writing, no release date yet has been confirmed but rumors point to a possible summer launching.

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