NBA Rumors: Stephen Curry Gets Himself a Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment for Speedy Knee Injury Recovery

By Jenn Loro - 07 May '16 09:21AM

The Spurs hasn't given an exact timetable for Stephen Curry's hardcourt comeback to join Golden State's active lineup in the playoffs as he continues to recuperate from mild MCL injury.

While Curry is held back from the games, the Warriors seem to have been performing quite well even without their star player around. Currently, the team leads over the Portland Trail Blazers with 2-0 in round 2 of the playoffs.

While Warriors is doing quite well in Curry's absence, the team and his teammates obviously would prefer having him around ASAP especially when it faces other tough contenders not just for the conference title but for the national title as well.

In an effort to speed up his return to the games, the reigning MVP went through platelet-rich plasma treatment notably used by NBA greats like Kobe Bryant in his 2011 offseason on his right knee plagued with arthritis.

The three-point scoring machine revealed to reporters this week that he took the platelet-rich plasma treatment on his second day from the time he was listed for sprain in order recover faster than usual and avoid getting under the knife, San Jose Mercury News reported. Curry suffered from torn MCL while the team took on the Houston Rockets in the series opener the playoffs.

"The treatment involved spinning samples of Kobe's own blood to concentrate the platelets from the rest of the blood and then injecting the platelet rich portion of the blood back into his knee," Yahoo Sports explained.

"The rationale for using this therapy remains compelling: it's relatively cheap, minimally invasive, and the platelets harbor growth factors-fibroblast growth factor, connective tissue growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, etc.-that are thought to accelerate the natural healing process and promote blood vessel formation and cartilage repair."

While the prospect of returning looks increasingly positive for Curry, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has not yet given any definite details over the possibility of his return.

"He's doing pretty well. He's going through the rehab process and he's making the improvement that we are looking for, but he hasn't been on the floor with the team at this point. Hopefully that will come, but I don't know when, though," said Kerr as quoted by CBS Sports.

Curry is obviously itching to get back into the game. If he's up and running ok before Game 3, then he can expect a warm welcome to the court. However, caution remains the name of the game as the team badly needs him complete form when they face their most worthy contender should they make it to the finals to defend their title.

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