‘Clash of Clans’ Update: Dark Elixir, Gem Mines, Amongst the New Features to Come with Next Update?

By Kanika Gupta - 04 May '16 18:11PM

Recent news indicates that "Clash of Clans" will receive a big update anytime soon. As per the report, the new update will include Gem Mine and Dark Elixir troops amongst other things. Both the features will help the clan to strengthen its defense and offense plans. While the news is yet to be confirmed, if it is indeed true then the players will have one more reason to play their favorite game.

Previous "Clash of Clans" updates for December and March were a nightmare for Supercell as many fans criticized the bugs that affected the gaming experience. So much so, some of the top players even started quitting the game. There were also reports that matching system did not match up to the standards and it was actually unfair.

To make matters worse, there were also compatibility issues faced by the gamers. Some features stopped working altogether that include boost timers that did not pause during the game maintenance and when the traps did not trigger.

Now that Supercell is all set to throw another big update at the fans, teams shoud ensure that this time everything works fine before the update is launched for the players. It can be very frustrating for regular players to face another anticipated update that is filled with bugs. What they need to do is test it out thoroughly before it is passed on to the gamers. The last two updates were a failure and the fans were sorely disappointed with the bugs.

Meanwhile, Supercell wants its "Clash of Clans" players to have a fair game. According to recent update, the gamers who use third party software will be banned from the game.

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