Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Relationship Updates: Actor Gets Emotional In World War Z Set; Divorce Issues Deemed As Cause

By Jenn Loro - 04 May '16 14:34PM

More clues surfaced this week proving that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's marriage is on the rocks.

A recent report said that the actor was caught emotional while working in the set of World War Z in the UK, an act attributed to the ongoing divorce and separation rumors.

With the recent reports, claims on Jolie's failing health were discussed again particularly about her drastic weight loss and skeletal frame that she debuted in the red carpet of Kung Fu Panda 3 months ago. Sources have now been saying that Angie is really suffering from serious illnesses--anorexia, cancer, severed headaches and paranoia that had caused the weight drop.

There were also previous reports that Brad coaxed and gave an ultimatum to his wife to file for a divorce in their marriage if she would not work hard to regain her health.

Currently, the family is in London residing in an eight-bedroom mansion in Surrey enjoying the peaceful country but very comfortable lifestyle of the mansion said to have charged the family with $21,000 for rental fee.

The decision to move on closer to Brad is a well-thought decision so that the actor can look after his ailing wife and to keep her off from getting jealous with Brad's female co-stars.

Aside from that, while the 52-year old actor is working on his movie project, the Salt actress would also be busy working on her humanitarian projects in London.

Meanwhile, another rumor said that Brad and Angelina are fighting, not because of infidelity or weight loss issues, but because of the actor's close association with Ben Affleck whom Angie considers as 'bad influence' to her husband.

The sources further said that the actress-director does not want Brad to hang out with the Batman vs Superman actor who has been surrounded with issues regarding his recent divorce with his ex-spouse, Jennifer Garner.

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