NFL Rumors: Laremy Tunsil's Ex-Adviser Suspected For Prompting Social Media Leak

By Jenn Loro - 03 May '16 11:37AM

Following a PR nightmare that saw him drop seven notches down from No. 6 overall draft pick, Laremy Tunsil of Miami Dolphins seems to have strong reasons to believe that his former financial adviser (not yet named as of this time) was behind the controversial video leak from years ago showing the tackle smoking pot using gas mask.

Likewise, Tunsil's new NFL home is also quite convinced that the said adviser may have been responsible after a fall out with the Laremy. The Ravens initially planned to select him in the draft at No. 6 before the video got leaked into Tunsil's hacked Twitter account. After getting dropped off from the draft board, he slipped to No. 13 allowing the Dolphins to acquire the highly prized asset.

Following the swirling controversy over the video leak, Laremy Tunsil has indicated through his attorney that he'll be filing charges against the people responsible for hacking his social media accounts, Sports Illustrated reported.

After the now infamous and viral 'bong' clip, his Instagram account appeared to have been hacked too sending out snaps of his conversation with Ole Miss administrators over money issues.

Following the social media storm that cost him $7 million of lost draft pick offer, the Dolphins draftee admitted that it was indeed him who smoked weed from years ago. NFL is still mulling on any possibility of putting him under the league's substance abuse program although pundits think that it's highly unlikely.

"Man, it was a mistake. You know, it happened years ago. Like I said before, somebody hacked my Twitter account. That's how it got on there, man. It's just a crazy world-things happen for a reason," remarked Tunsil as quoted by Bleacher Report.

Despite college-era issues, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is putting a lot of faith in Tunsil's character even during the pre-draft process who admitted all the recent social media expose'.

"I think a lot of work is done for months and months, and one [thing] two hours before the draft is totally somebody out to get a guy. It's not a question of this guy changed overnight," said Ross as per ESPN report.

The work that we've done on him, the people we've talked to and even subsequently talking to, we're going to continue that. Meeting the kid, you know that this is a good kid. It's going to be a great choice." 

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