Kpop News: iKON to make a comeback

By Lord Justin Castillo - 03 May '16 10:28AM

iKON reportedly to make a comeback. According to Osen, the group is currently in the process of recording their song. There is also some news spreading on social media regarding the filming of their music video which brings attention to many fans.

 Their record label, YG Entertainment, confirmed the recording. However, specific date of the said comeback is not yet cleared.

YG Entertainment representative said, "iKON is in fact, shooting for their new MV," but the associate didn't give any specific date for their comeback. However, the representative added, "Please wait for some good news, it will be in a little bit."

iKON will be following comebacks and promotions after some famous returns like Lee Hi and Akdong Musician.

The boy group, iKON is a seven-member group formed by YG Entertainment. The group was first introduced in the reality survival program called "Who is Next: WIN" as "Team B."

They made their debut in 2015 but the members were well known as Team B pre-debut due to the survival shows "Win: Who Is Next" which was aired in 2013 and "Mix & Match" which was aired in 2014.

The members are B.I (Leader), Jinhwan (Lead Vocalist), Yunhyeong (Vocalist), Bobby (Main Rapper), Donghyyuk (Vocalist), Ju-ne (Main Vocalist) and Chanwoo (Vocalist, Maknae)

As of March 2016, the group has sold over 210,000+ physical albums and more than 3.6 million of digital records.

Check their MV's below!


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