Justice League: Part 1 Spoilers: Batman Will Assemble a Team

By Kanika Gupta - 02 May '16 16:22PM

"Justice League: Part 1" will show Batman assemble a team of superheroes in the earlier part of the movie.

As per recent reports, even though "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" received lukewarm reception at the box office, Zach Snyder is already onto his next project, "Justice League: Part 1."

As previously reported, Batman will be played by Ben Affleck who will put together a team of super heroes that will be called the Justice League. Jeremy Irons will also be in the next movie as Batman's royal butler/father figure who continues to help Bruce with vigilante style crime-fighting, albeit reluctantly.

There have also been reports that JK Simmons will play the role of Commissioner James Gordon in "Justice League: Part 1," even though his character does not play a significant part in the movie.

There is also news that there will be an upcoming Batman solo film directed by Ben Affleck himself. He has to satisfy the DC fans that he is capable of handling Batman role and perhaps also appease the critics as well.

Batman films made previously were received well by the fans and the critics alike. Hence, Affleck was under immense pressure to carry on the legacy of famed Batman. He did well in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," but is he ready to carry the mantle on his own? Since Affleck loves to challenge himself, this will be the eighth time when a movie has been dedicated to bat superhero.

This upcoming film will bring a lot of changes to the DC Cinematic Universe. It is also quite possible that the DC Heroes will come to help him in his effort to save Gotham. There is also rumor that Black Canary and Green Arrow will also join Batman.

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