NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers To Trade D’Angelo Russell For Jimmy Butler?

By Staff Reporter - 02 May '16 11:42AM

The latest trade rumors have been centered on the Chicago Bulls, especially on Jimmy Butler.
Rumor has it that the Bulls are ready to trade him off, but there hasn't been any confirmation about which team he'll be traded to or whether he'll be traded at all.

After Kobe Bryant retired from the Los Angeles Lakers, the word is that the team needs a stronger player. That might just mean they would offer to trade All-Star Jimmy Butler, reports Digital Journal.

The site reports, "There's no doubt the 'purple and gold' need a new face of the franchise and with little luck in recent years in adding a big name free agent, making a trade now could have the impact Los Angles needs to begin rebuilding and once again become a force in the Western Conference."

Who would they trade to get Buttler? It's no secret that the most likely candidate is D'Angelo Russell.
Russell, a rookie to the team, is said to have some conflicts with Nick Young after a recording of a feud between the two was released, reports Hoops Habit.

Yet according to other news, it might not even be Russell that the team trades, though it's not confirmed who it might be.

Butler, who had a shoulder injury, previously openly blamed himself for being the reason that the Bulls didn't make the season for the first time since 2008.

"I'm the reason that we did not make the playoffs," Butler told the Chicago Tribune. "I'm fine with that. I'm not happy with it, but I'm fine with it. Because it's only going to make me stronger and better."

"I wasn't consistent enough," he continued. "I had good games, average games, decent games and some terrible games. I don't want to have terrible and decent games. Average games can get us over the hump. Really good ones can make us win."

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