‘God of War 4' News and Release Date: To Be Released Soon with Remastered ‘GOW 3’

By Kanika Gupta - 30 Apr '16 16:24PM

In recent reports, it was pointed out that Santa Monica studios, the originating point of God of War series, has called out for as many as 50 developers to be hired. It was anybody's guess that perhaps the fourth installment of the popular series is finally in the making. All those who are lucky to be a part of this project would gain a wealth of experience that could further their career as a game coder.

However, it would be too soon to infer that the big hiring has anything to do with "God of War 4" release. For now, Sony has not discussed much about the fourth installment, which only makes sense as "GoW 3" Remastered is in the offing.

Cody Barlog, writer, has confirmed on his blog post that "God of War 3" Remastered will be out this year in July. He also said that the fans will be able to able to enjoy this game on a 1080p resolution along with "silky smooth combat" and a "new photo mode," allowing the gamers to boast about their achievements on social media.

As far as "GOW 4" is concerned, rumor has it that Kratos will not be reprised as a protagonist. In fact, the new installment of the series will show a rather forbidding end as the warrior's body goes missing. However, there is a blood trail on the ground that will lead the player to some place else. The possibility is either his bloodied body was dragged away by someone or he did that himself so that he can heal. But since Kratos has died several times in the past, only to be resurrected, it waits to be seen what the game has in store for the players.

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