Zuckerberg Considering the Inclusion of 'Dislike' Option on Facebook

By Ashwin Subramania - 13 Dec '14 21:18PM

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is said to be seriously considering the possibility of adding the 'Dislike' option to the site. When the 'Like' button was introduced in 2009, the company started receiving several requests from users to include the 'Dislike' icon as well. During a recent Q&A session at Menslo Park in California, the CEO spoke about his desire to introduce a number of options which allowed the user to express a wide range of emotions. While Facebook has avoided the inclusion of this feature thus far, Zuckerberg does admit that it has been an "important area of discussion."

Even as the 'dislike' option is the most requested feature among users, there are understandable concerns over how it could be used to demean people using the site. On the other hand, the site might come up with the feature using a different name while it still manages to portray the same emotions of the 'Unlike' button.

The advertisers might particularly not warm up to idea of introducing the 'Unlike' feature since it could mean brands or products being given the thumbs down. While speaking on the issue, Zuckerberg added, "There are more sentiments that people want to express than positivity [but] we need to figure out the right way to do it so that it ends up being a force for good, and not a force for bad, or demeaning the post that people are putting out there."

The Q&A session tackled numerous other issues as well, chief among them being the concern that addiction to Facebook resulted in laziness and lack of productivity. The CEO dismissed these notions and supported the presence of social networks which helped people to stay in touch with family and friends.

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