Transformers 5 News Updates: Isabela Moner Hoped To Boost Movie Ratings

By Jenn Loro - 28 Apr '16 11:52AM

Transformers fans are looking forward for a wonderful treat as the fifth installment of the highly popular movie franchise are on the way with 'Transformer 6' being out two years later. Moreover, 'Transformer 5' is repeatedly being rumored to finally have a female lead character played by Nickelodeon actress Isabel Moner.

As per Movie Web updates, the production will reportedly begin filming for the fifth installment in May in Detroit featuring stand-up comedian Carmicheal of 'The Carmichael Show'. The movie also saw re-inviting Mark Wahlberg as he was added back in the box office hit movie after news indicate that the star is reprising his Cade Yeager role in the "Transformers: Age of Extinction."

The new storyline will follow Optimus Prime's footsteps in finding out the creative forces behind the character, the Quintessons. Currently, fans are yet to figure out whether Jack Reynor (Shane Dyson) and Nicola Peltz (Tessa Yeager) will ever be set to go back to do a return in a sequel or not.

Another interesting addition to the movie's newcomer lineup is Isabela Moner as the franchise's major female lead in the sci-fi robotics-themed movie. Putting Moner to replace either Megan Fox's heroine role or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's lead female character is a good break to rectify the movie's previous controversy concerning the sexist portrayal of the female leads.

As reported by The Wrap, Moner is reportedly going to play as the young Izabella described as a "street-smart tomboy who grew up as an orphan and was raised in foster care" who seemed to be getting along with life as a loner until she got entangled with Mark Walhberg along the way.

Paramount Picture is yet to confirm Moner's purported involvement in the cast. Meanwhile, Transformers director Michael Bay is now starting off the early stages of the action-packed production of the movie with help from the legendary Steven Spielberg and a number of reputable screenwriters like the Academy Award winners like Akiva Goldsman.

As reported by Yibada, the now Transformers movie series started out as one of 1980's very popular children's toy franchise which eventually evolved into a Hollywood box office hit. The movie reportedly raked over $3.7 billion worth of revenue which is partly used to bankroll the forthcoming fifth and sixth sequel films.

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