Jia Jia Is A New, Human-like, Chinese 'Robot Goddess'

By R. Siva Kumar - 24 Apr '16 10:00AM

Now, who on earth is Jia Jia? Does she sound like a Chinese? Well, she is. But not human, though she is human-like. She is a realistic-looking robot, or the robot goddess, who took three years to get created. She is part of the amazing robot industry that is continuously working on robotic products.

Jia Jia is like a woman with human features and actions that include blinking and expressing feelings. She has realistic hair.

Jia Jia has been created to mimic humans in as many ways as possible. The mouth lip-syncs various words, she looks around to scan the environment and she processes the events around her, even requesting space if someone gets too close to her to click a picture.

"Don't come too close to me when you are taking a picture, it will make my face look fat," she says.

So are there going to be many Jia Jias soon? Perhaps not. But Chen Xiaoping, who led the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) creative team, says that they are working hard at enhancing her functionality and will peg at it in the coming months.

Even though she cannot be expressive about her emotions, Jia Jia has a number of enhancements over previous interactive robots, with movements such as "naturally rolling eyeballs, speech that syncs with lip movements and a very human-like form."

"We hope to develop the robot so it has deep learning abilities," Chen said. "We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people."

Another interactive robot that was created recently was Mark I, based on Scarlett Johansson. Inventor Ricky Ma said that he had created it as a prototype so that he could generate funds in order to make better robots.

"I figured I should just do it when the timing is right and realize my dream," Ma said. "If I realize my dream, I will have no regrets in life."

However, most people have found Mark I quite creepy and prefer Jia Jia. She seems to be the herald of a new kind of sensation.

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