Transformers 5 News Updates: Stonehenge May Be Included in Filming Locations

By Jenn Loro - 21 Apr '16 11:09AM

The movie production for the upcoming fifth installment of the box office hit franchise 'Transformers' is now ongoing. If Michael Bay's recent snapshot teaser on Instagram is of any indication, then there's a likelihood of seeing some scenes in the movie filmed in the iconic pre-ancient Stonehenge site in the UK.

The famed director behind highly successful sci-fi robot-themed franchise took to the social media to tease the excited Transformer fans with an update that his production team is 'scouting' for the potential locations for the latest upcoming Transformers 5 title. As reported by the Christian Post, 51-year-old Bay posted a selfie with the famed humungous structure in the background.

There are plethora of reports suggesting that the film crew will mainly do the shooting in the Motor City of Detroit but indicated that a number of scenes will also be shot in some other parts of the world such as UK's famous Stonehenge.

Why shoot the film in Detroit?

Reports have been surfacing that the Motor City is offering some juicy tax incentives to have the film principally shot in economically depressed Detroit- a much needed economic and PR boost as Detroit struggles to get back to its feet after the City went bankrupt in 2013.

"Having one of the highest-profile film franchises created in Michigan is a major economic boost and a testament to the talent of the state's production community," said Michigan Film and Digital Media commissioner Jenell Leonard as quoted by Enstarz.

Like Transformers' previous installments, the forthcoming title hopes to encourage more films to be shot in the famous automotive capital of the United States.

In another development, there's a swirling rumor about Nickelodeon star Isabela Moner being courted to join the sci-fi movie's acting roster alongside Mark Wahlberg as reported by The Wrap. She is rumored to assume new female lead 'Izabella' described as 'street-smart tomboy' and orphan who befriended Wahlberg's character 'Cade' in the movie. So far, no official statement has been heard from either Paramount Pictures or Moner's camp.

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