Legend of Zelda Wii U Release Date and News: Fan Made Video Combining Nintendo Game with Game Of Thrones

By Jenn Loro - 19 Apr '16 10:37AM

Video mash-ups are often seen as cheap attempt to sell tat. However, some of these video content are somewhat worth praising for with their inspired work that allow us to inexplicably marvel at a beautifully-crafted monster and fanmade creation that meshes family-oriented The Legend of Zelda with the brutal socio-political reality of the bloody and sex-filled world of Game of Thrones.

'Game of Hyrule' is a Legend of Zelda fanmade live action video with a dark, violent, depressing, and somewhat interestingly funny Game of Thrones twist created by YouTube video creator Megasteakman which throws you off to an entirely new spin on the much beloved and child-friendly Nintendo game.

"Game of Hyrule is funny in that sort of 'oh, my God, they actually went there kind of way. There is a sex scene between Link and Zelda, for example. The King of Hyrule is assassinated by Dark Link (just like Renly Baratheon is assassinated by Shadow Stannis in Game of Thrones)," wrote Cameron Koch via Tech Times.

The Tech Times writer further noted, "Princess Zelda punishes a man for breaking pots by imprisoning him within the Water Dungeon. Link lookalikes are executed via swarm of angry chickens. The Fairy Fountain is actually a brothel (and is terrifying to boot)."

The brains behind the stellar mash-up Zelda video tinged with Game of Thrones spin have also made a similar video last year fueling an intense follow-up queries by fans anticipating for another creative live-action fanmade content. This leads us to a conclusion that Megasteakman surely spent long and laborious hours and sleepless nights editing the video to its utmost impressive visual display.

As reported by Game Rant, the video mash-up is pretty much a well-organized production involving a roster of small action cast such as Brady Roberts who played the role of the Link. Roberts is no stranger to short films- having served as a personal trainer to superhero movie actors (e.g. Arrow and The Flash). The production is a no-mediocre production. In fact, it involved a well-organized team of videographers, costume designers, 3D modelers and more to come up with such a fine-tuned finish.

Meanwhile, latest Zelda rumors suggest that Nintendo is preparing for grand footage blowout to fans at this year's E3 Convention which takes place from June 14 to 16 according to Nintendo World Report's Neal Ronaghan.

"And don't expect any Zelda news out of Nintendo soon. Everything I've heard points to a Zelda blowout at E3. Only 2 months away!" Ronaghan revealed as quoted by Design & Trend.

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