clash of Clans latest update news: Failed March Update Cost the Game Some of its Best Players

By Kanika Gupta - 18 Apr '16 11:44AM

Supercell's ultra popular game, "Clash of Clans," March update has been one rife with bugs and irregularities. The released update was supposed to launch improved interface with new troops. However, rather than being better than December update, it proved to be an even greater disaster as gamers complained about certain aspects of the game.

Previous reports suggest that Supercell has already fixed some of the issues, including healer's heal rate, the traps that didn't trigger the way they should, Valkyrie's health points and the match making system, amongst other bugs.

However, even though the developers fixed these glaring issues, the gamers are no longer interested in this game. Rumor has it that some of the best players have started quitting the game after Town Hall 11 update. The latest version of the game has been very disappointing to the players. Another report says that one "Clash of Clans" gamer who accumulated over a million subscribers on YouTube by covering this strategy game has decided to modify his channel.

"I've been getting bored of making 'Clash of Clans' videos," Cam admitted.

"The game isn't changing enough. They added Town Hall 11, but it's basically the same thing as Town Hall 10 at a larger scale. The game just doesn't feel fresh anymore, and there's nothing new to make content on," he added.

The report also said that not just Cam but many other gamers share the same view. One Reddit user agreed and commented, "it's just not the same since December. All games have an end date, [but I] didn't think it would crash so soon." Another player commented, "'Clash' is done for."

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