Song Joong-ki News: Hallyu Star Joong-ki captivates 4000 fans in his fan-meeting

By Lord Justin Castillo - 18 Apr '16 06:58AM

On April 17, Song Joong-ki captivated 4000 fans in his fan meeting "Song Joong-ki's fifth fan meeting: the day we met again" at the concert hall of Kyunghee University in eastern Seoul.

The event center was packed with fans who stroked every opportunity just to attend in his fan-meeting.

Tickets were sold out instantly through advance reservation after ticket sales went online on March 31. Tickets were sold at the price of 22,000 won (approximately $20), however , due to his immense popularity, there were reports regarding selling illegal tickets greater than the price of the original price. It was said to be at the price of a one million won (approximately $900).

Meanwhile, this fan-meeting is considered to be the actor's homecoming with his fans after he finished his mandatory military service. The previous fan meeting held in August 2013.

A part of the actor's fan-meeting, Song Joong-ki handsomely sang one of the 'Descendants of the Sun' OST tracks "ALWAYS" where the event center covered with loud screams of the fans.


Also, there were celebrities who warmly served as a guest on the said event. Song Joong-ki's label mate and friend, Park Bo Gum, was Joong-ki's first guest, though the hallyu star never expected the presence of his good friend since Park Bo Gum is said to be in Taiwan but surprisingly appears, saying "Hello, I'm Park Bo Gum who loves Song Joong-ki" Song Joong-ki was said to be surprised and shocked to see his friend. (Soompi)

Park Bo Gum also showed his support to Song Joong-ki by designing the logo of the goods for Song Joong-ki's fan meeting. (Soompi)

Lee Kwang Soo, a dear friend of the actor also appeared at his fan meeting bringing a huge bouquet of flowers. Apparently, Lee Kwang Soo also appeared as a cameo in the first episode of "Descendants of the Sun".

 Park Bo Gum then shared a photo on his twitter account together with Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang Soo. With the caption, "형들 is 뭔들" ("My hyungs are the best")

  “You are my everything” singer Gummy, likewise, performed at the fan-meeting singing her track.

The said event will be the start of Song Joong-ki's fan meeting across Asia. The next fan meeting will be held in Bangkok Thailand, on May 7.

Watch the full episode "Descendants of the Sun" here.

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