Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Relationship Updates: 'Other Man' And Other Infidelity Claims Propel Divorce Rumors

By Jenn Loro - 14 Apr '16 13:34PM

More details about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce rumors came up this week claiming the presence of the 'other man' as well as the actor's persistent dating reports with co-star Marion Cotillard.

Previously, Jolie has been rumored to be flirting non-stop with one of her cameramen who looks a lot like Brad. This week, this rumor is reinforced with a tabloid's headlines that goes, 'Jealousy, fights and the 'other man'-shocking details.'

This is followed by lines saying "Angie's weight drops to 90 pounds as she faces her third divorce." The tabloid further claimed that the couple is just making a united front and in truth are "already living apart."

The tabloid, however, did not drop any names that could tell us Angie's new man. Instead, it gives readers a glimpse of the sad state of the couple's relationship.

"The relationship has disintegrated into withering glances and stony silences. Brad feels that their almost two-year union is unsalvageable," the source said.

Details about the rumored Brad Pitt-Marion Cotillard affair spread this week with the 52-year old actor confiding about his marital problems to his co-star as she is said to be a 'good listener.' The source further said that the two are 'getting along and getting even closer to each other day by day.'

"Brad is so worried about her dying and loves her so much that he's willing to divorce her as a wake-up call. It's too hard on him and the kids to watch her waste away," a source said.

Meanwhile, neither Brad nor Angelina confirmed the truthfulness of these rumors. Also, another report debunked the divorce and infidelity claims saying that a source close to the A-list couple asserted that there is 'no truth' in them.

It was also not true that the By The Sea director 'walked out' on her husband due to the persistent flirting rumors with his French co-star. Rumors criticizing the actress' health and 'skeletal frame' were also debunked.

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