Clash of Clans Latest Update: Will Supercell Fix Cheats Using Software?

By Peter R - 14 Apr '16 05:32AM

Cheating on Clash of Clans has been known for nearly as long as the game has been around. While enhancing gameplay and fixing bugs that caused crashes, updates until now have done little as cheating often masquerades as strategy. Now, word has it Supercell is planning an update that will tackle cheating.

While concluding that you really cannot do much but inform Supercell about clans that cheat, numerous reports described the latest fad in cheating at CoC. This includes wars that end too soon and a consequent attack of your bases. While legit players too do this often, cheating is reportedly distinct due to information capture software.

Here is how it works. Consider a 25v25 clan war when the low level players attack the high level players in a clan. They would drop archers and barbarians just to draw out your clans and learn what's in the castle, wasting an attack for it. Having learnt everything about your clan's attack, the war is ended but not before a high level player from the other clan attacks your base.

This may sound legit as many players and clans practice strategy. However, users discussing the game are complaining that the cheats use software to siphon information. Base designs are reportedly uploaded to an app or software to gain information.  This would reveal everything including location of hidden teslas. Some apps can also reveal a thing or two about the number of attacks required to bring down a clan!

Supercell launched its major update last December that tackled bots that helped players from being attacked when not online. A more recent optional update fixed a bug that caused crashes besides bringing visual improvements. Given that several users have complained about cheating with screenshots, Supercell is expected to take notice to patch it up. 

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