MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors And Release Date: Gadget Expected To Have Detachable Screen And Prices

By Jenn Loro - 13 Apr '16 11:46AM

Speculations over MacBook Air getting a detachable screen is raging like wildfire in rumor land. In a true Apple fashion, the Cupertino-based giant refuses to confirm all rumors churning out the rumor mill.

The report behind the purported inclusion of detachable screen in the forthcoming MacBook's features and designs probably stemmed from Ryan Reith's mouth, IDC program director, who threw off his own predictions of Apple's upcoming laptop flagship.

"The way that we tend to view the iPad Pro is that it's kind of a stopgap solution until they get a Mac line to the point of a touch screen and possibly detachable keyboard," Reith told the Forbes Magazine in an interview.

"I think [a touch Mac] is inevitable. There's nothing from the supply chain or from Apple that supports that right now - I just think it's inevitable...I don't know if that's two years out or what."

With his analysis, Reith unintentionally kicked off a plethora of rumors that have been repeatedly shared across the online media world with a number of tech sites running a story that sounds factual. However, some tech media outfits offer a cautious remark.

"The biggest change is likely to be in the Pros' processors, and while there are rumors of detachable touchscreens we'd take them with a hefty pinch of salt," warned Tech Radar.

As for the MacBook 2016's alleged features, there are speculations over a slew of features never seen previously in Apple's portable PCs.

Other speculated features include 9 hours of battery backup, Force Touch enabled Touchpad, USB Type-C, Siri for Mac, Touch ID fingerprint scanner, support for external graphics and dual-band a/c Wi-Fi," International Business Times reported.

Lastly, consistent roundups coming from various tech blogs suggest a possible official launching sometime in June to coincide with Apple-sponsored World Wide Developers' Conference. According to Breathe Cast, the laptop is expected to fetch at $1,119 price range for the 13-inch version and $2,099 for the 15-inch variant.

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