Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors and Release Date: Why 2015 Launch Is Out Of Bounds

By Peter R - 08 Apr '16 14:17PM

Popularly of Surface Pro line-up has spurred furious speculation about the launch Surface Pro 5 launch.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 was an anticipated hybrid given the runway success that Surface Pro 3 turned out to be. Surface Pro 4 was launch in October happened more than a year after its predecessor was launched. While it may seem reasonable to assume that Microsoft would send invites for an October this year where the Surface Pro 5 could be unveiled, it seems unlikely given that the hybrid is likely to be released with Windows 10 Redstone 2. However, that has not stopped many from speculating about a possible earlier release.

Some reports have suggested Microsoft could start planning a release as early as second half of 2016. Given that Microsoft's first Redstone update for Windows 10 is scheduled for a June rollout, it is difficult to see how Surface Pro 5 could be released before the end of the year. The second Redstone update, which is exclusively associated with Windows 10 devices including hybrids and phones, is not expected until 2017.

Other rumors have fuelled the coming of Surface Pro 5 include a price cut of previous models. Amazon slashed about $ 100 on Surface Pro 4 models. Recent reports claim Microsoft is offering similar discounts during its two-day sale on Microsoft Store. While these discounts do predate a device launch, their timing is not an indicator of a device's coming.

User complaints, which have also aided in fuelling speculation about a new Surface Pro 5, including poor battery performance of Surface Pro 4 and its slowing down have been addressed recently through patches actually indicate that the Surface Pro 4 is here to stay.

A likely release for the Surface Pro 5 is during the first three calendar months of 2016, after Apple's unveils its moves for this year during June and September this year.

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