Chrysler Recalls 21,000 Pickups, SUVs And Sedans Over Shocks Replacement; 792K for Switches

By Sarah Price - 23 Jul '14 12:39PM

Chrysler issued a voluntary recall for 21,000 vehicles to inspect and replace faulty shocks and struts that can disengage and cause possible loss of control.

Chrysler, the renowned America auto maker, issued two separate recalls to address different security concerns in its vehicles. The car maker announced Tuesday, that it is recalling nearly 21,000 pickups, SUVs and sedans in order to identify any fault with the shocks and struts and apply permanent repair. The announcement shortly follows a bigger recall that was issued in relation to the growing ignition switch fault in more than 792,000 Jeep SUVs.

Chrysler said the shocks and struts in select models do not meet the company's quality standards. Shocks and Struts are important for quality ride on roads and safe handling. The shocks system controls the rebound motion of the vehicle when it hits road bumps, while struts connect shock and coil spring in a compact unit. When either shocks or struts wear out, the comfort of the driving loses.

By issuing a recall of about 21,000 vehicles, the car maker is inspecting the shocks and struts. According to Chrysler, the components may disengage from their mounts, which could lead to reduced shock action and even worse cause loss of control. There were no reports of accidents or injuries related to the problem.

The affected models include Ram 1500 pickups with 2014 model year, Jeep Cherokee SUVs model year 2015 and Chrysler 200 sedans model year 2015. Most vehicles, 14,300 are found in the US, while 5,300 are in Canada, 160 in Mexico and 2,000 outside of North America. The cost involving the inspection and repair will be borne by Chrysler, but did not reveal the total cost to fix all vehicles.

Another recall issued by Chrysler addresses controversial ignition switch problem in 792,300 Jeep SUVs. The affected models, Jeep Commander model-year 2006-2007 and Jeep Grand Cherokee manufactured between 2005 and 2007, will be recalled in mid-September and fixed by the company. The car maker advised drivers to clear distance between their knees and the key, as it may shut down the engine and disable airbags, power windows and power brakes. The risk involved with such an issue is extremely high, as the faulty ignition switches in GM cars led to at least 13 deaths.

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