Kpop News: BigBang T.O.P to star in a Chinese Movie

By Lord Justin Castillo - 06 Apr '16 06:52AM

T.O.P of BIGBANG is not just casting his talent in singing but also, he shows his enigmatic charm in acting.

 T.O.P will continue his acting careers overseas for an upcoming Chinese movie "Out of Control".

Together with the Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung (Cheung Pak Chi), as well as Vampire Diaries actor Michael Trevino they will be featured in the film which TOP is starred to be the leading male role of a packed action movie. It is believed that he will act as an Interpol officer who will be immersed in a "battling wit and courage" and "emotional redemption" according to K-Pop Amino.

About T.O.P's return to the big-screen, YG Entertainment said, "We've received countless movie and drama offers from not just Korea, but from China and Japan, "Out of Control was the character that spoke to T.O.P the most."

The casting was made after he starred in a gambling/crime drama Tazza 2. After released projects, TOP will soon be enlisted for the mandatory military service this year.

T.O.P is popularly known as the main rapper of the group BIGBANG. He also starred in some movies: Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014), Commitment (2013) and 71: Into Fire (2010)

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