Built-in Ad Blocker in Microsoft’s Edge Browser

By Kanika Gupta - 03 Apr '16 16:58PM

Microsoft wants to take its Internet explorer to the next level and make it an ultimate solution for the enterprise customers.

Microsoft Edge, reported replacement of IE has been in development stage since its first version, 1.0, released along with Windows 10. However, San Francisco's Build conference is a proof that the work is picking up.

Google Chrome browsers have JavaScript extensions, a feature that most users want. For now, it has not been fully rolled out for Edge and is only available in Windows 10 Insider preview release. Another interesting feature to look forward to is the anticipated extension, AdBlock Plus, as its arrival has already been confirmed.

For now, you may have to download the extension but Microsoft wants to eliminate the need for it and develop an in-built AdBlock feature. In the next edition, Microsoft is planning to "Build ad blocking features into the browser," and will most likely be released in its 2016 Anniversary Update, aka Redstone.

Ad-blocking has gained a lot of traction in the last few months with the likes of Apple

supporting content blocking extensions in their new versions of Safari. Opera also introduced an update with built-in ad-blocking as an instrumental feature.

Even Mozilla former CTO, Brendan Eich, has launched a company, Brave, whose core feature is a browser that blocks trackers and ads by default.

Google that earns 90% of its revenue from online advertising has refrained from this new wave of ad-blocking feature, for obvious reasons.

The new ad-blocking feature that most online users will welcome and it is yet to be seen how it will work eventually. However, with this new feature all set to arrive with Windows 10 preview, it is only a matter of time when the users will know how effective it is.

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