Suits Season 6 Spoilers and Update: Aaron Korsh Maintains Season 6 To Be A Package Full of Surprises!

By Bisma Kaleem - 30 Mar '16 15:47PM

Mounting anticipation and eagerness seems top on the list as 'Suits' front-man has a lot to present in the approaching series. With the wrap-up of the fifth instalment, supporters appeared a bit put off, but have not yet lose aspiration as next series will irrefutably activate more buzz and zest for the days to come.

An overwhelming predicament for our protagonist, Mike Ross (Patrick Adams) involved him in a situation that left him behind the bars. Not to disappoint the fan following, many viewers thought that the current storyline will put an end to Mike's role, but seems like this is not the case.

"Season six is really about moving forward. How is Mike going to handle life in a new environment, and what kind of toll will that take on his relationships?" Korsh said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

This means Korsh is all set to produce much more intense settings in the impending show, thus, rendering a treat to the spectators. Not to mention, how Mike will bounce back, fingers are crossed how the front runner will adjust his position in the show as his linkage with the confinement has led to a total fiasco of his legal career.

Speculations are once again on the rise, which suggests that Mike's tenure during his prison life will make him earn a law related degree, but putting the rumor to rest, Korsh continues that it is a mere assumption as the season 6 will revolve around his scuffle as a prisoner in brevity and how he will try to re-claim his position within the legal firm.

The duo of Harvey Spector and Mike Ross has definitely put their return into question. Will the latter reprise his role as a much more mature individual or is there another story development within the plot? Stay tuned for further updates as "Suits" is expected to return for season 6 later this year on USA Network.

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