Clash of Clans Update News: Game Update Full of Bugs, Annoys Gamers

By Kanika Gupta - 29 Mar '16 14:34PM

Many Clash of Clans are annoyed by the release of flawed March update. The game is full of bugs and they are now complaining to Supercell about their game experience. However, the only silver lining is that they received a new Dark Troop, Bowler, in the game improvements.

The Bowler is able to able to hit consecutively twice in a straight line and throws a large boulder as its attack mechanism. Other changes as a part of March update include: Goblin updates, taller inferno towers and mortars, spell cooking times and brewing times for Dark Elixir have been reduced while restoring the matchmaking system, Valkyrie and the Hog Rider. According to another update, Town Hall 10 and 11 players will not be pitted against each other in a single player attack.

Despite the interesting features and additions in the new update, the players began to complain about the "device not compatible" message as they tried to install the game after downloading the update from Google Play Store. However, this is not the only bug reported to Supercell. Some players also faced problems switching accounts and the game crashed when they tried to redesign their base. This is just some of the many bugs reported in the latest update that left the gamers more annoyed than excited about it.

Since the update rolled out, there have 40 pages dedicated to complaints in the Supercell game's forum. The game developers are assuring the players that they will try to fix as many issues as possible.

An optional update was launched on iOS and Android on March 24 where Supercell reportedly fixed errors such as crashing of war base edit mode as the players pressed "cancel," Air Defense graphics are fine-tuned, and it easier to reach old and new stars on the War events screen.

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