Lindsay Lohan Dating Rumors: Actress Hopes For A Brand New Life As She Starts Relationship With 22-Year Old Boyfriend

By Jenn Loro - 28 Mar '16 13:54PM

Lindsay wants to get her life back and move on from her messy past. Despite having faced a lot of charges last year, the actress recently have been sharing positive vibes through social media and with some sources saying that the actress wants to make a revolutionary change in her life.

"Looking back, she realizes it was a messy period. She didn't know how else to live and didn't know she had a choice sometimes," the source said.

The actress, who has started young in the Hollywood industry, moved to London in 2012 to seek a quieter life. Her decision happened in the heights of her involvement in multiple arrests, house arrests and a probationary program of seven years.

Having made headlines for her alcoholism problem, Lohan had acted aggressively in various times in public. She was arrested for assaulting a woman at a New York nightclub, shoplifting a $2500-worth necklace and being positive in previous drug tests.

But since her stay in London, she has been in a hiatus until last year's participation in West End production of Speed-the-Plow.

"I think she's embarrassed by a lot of her past but I think her goal is to live normally and silently. Now she has her own money and her own place, and it's the first time of her living more on her own," the source continued.

Since October last year, the Mean Girls actress welcomes a new man in her life, the 22-year old, Egor Tarabasov who shares a home with her in London and tried to live 'normally.'

A media agency who has been focused on the actress's life has been posting updates about the relationship of the new couple.

"Alongside an Instagram snap of her 22-year-old beau inside their London apartment, Lohan wrote: 'Moving in and How To Get Your Man To Help #HTGYMTH 1. Organising Hangers : A happy closet is a happy mind,' " as one update stated.

Meanwhile, the 29-year old actress posted an attention-grabbing Shia LaBeouf impersonation on Instagram.

"I'm not cool enough for LA... Too many pawns, too much zealousness," she said as she posted a photo of her face being covered with a paper bag with printed characters saying, 'I am not famous anymore.'

LaBeouf, said to have experienced the troubles of growing up being a celebrity, shares the same troubles with Lohan. He displayed the same stunt in 2014.

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