Clash of Clans Latest Update: Players Report Issues with Latest Update

By Kanika Gupta - 26 Mar '16 16:00PM

Clash of Clans, one of the most popular mobile games, has launched its newest update on March 21. This update has many new and interesting things that the players can look forward to such as design additions and gameplay tweaks.

Developer team's objective is to make the game more well-adjusted that introduced many rebalancing fine-tunes in this update. For instance, skeletons have lower HP, Life Aura of Grand Warden has a slightly limited range, Valkyrie units load a faster attack when she reaches the target. These are just some of the many balance alterations.

There have also been other changes such as matchmaking modifications so that Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 players are not pitted against each other that often. However, that doesn't change in the Champion league or levels higher.

The changes that the developer team talked about previously have been introduced in this version. You can now get star bonus and League bonus awards by planting revenge attacks. The players will not be able to participate in war sizes 45x45 or 35x35. There is also a new unit added to Town Hall 10 called Bowler with an added level 5 Valkyrie, level 6 Hog Rider, and level 7 Goblin. You can now also see the builder summary that show details about your ongoing construction and the quantity of loot cart before you can take them.

However, the real challenge that the player is not the game itself but issues with the latest update. Developers have listed some of the issues already and are working on a fix. Some of these issues include wrong update times, matchmaking errors, and buggy traps. If you face a bug issue or a glitch in your game, use the list for reference and report a problem that is not listed among the known issues.

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