Kobe Bryant News: Bryant's Wife Falls Hard on the Floor (VIDEO)

By Daniel Lee - 26 Mar '16 11:27AM

Vanessa Bryant fell down hard before the Duke vs Oregon game Thursday. While two of them were enterting the stadium Vanessa tripped and fell down hard on the floor.

After Lakers' 116-105 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Friday, Bryant was asked about the attack by a reporter who said she was from Belgium.

"So, for all of the Belgian fans who have been loving you throughout this years, what would you -- you know, they're going through a difficult time -- what would you want to tell them?" the reporter asked.

"That our thoughts and prayers are with them," Bryant said. "Words can't really express our concern level and understanding with them and what is going on. Just try to be as sympathetic as possible, as compassionate as possible, and hopefully they'll know that we have their back 100 percent."

Bryant made four 3-pointers and scored 28 points in his final game with Denver, generating his highest-scoring performance in nearly eight weeks during his last season.

In November 1999, 21-year-old Bryant met 17-year-old Vanessa Laine while she was working as a background dancer on the Tha Eastsidaz music video "G'd Up.

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