Lincoln Navigator SUV Debuts Appearance In New York Auto Show

By Jenn Loro - 25 Mar '16 07:03AM

Lincoln appears to be getting the attention it once had. At one point, the luxury brand had been riding on prestige until it faded from oblivion. But after staging a quite successful comeback at last year's New York Auto Show, the brand got some hefty makeover with the Continental Concept which led to Ford's new Continental production line.

This year's New York showcase isn't less. In fact, the Lincoln brand has injected that same effort toward the Navigator- a sleeker, flashier, and chic sedan version with a subtle touch of a 'quiet luxury'.

"The all-new Navigator Concept reinforces our commitment to give every Lincoln client what we call quiet luxury - vehicles and experiences that are elegant, effortlessly powerful and serene. We're showing fans of large SUVs how we can exceed their expectations, without being the loudest statement on the road," explained Lincoln chief Kumar Galhotra as quoted by Gizmag.

As the American auto giant struggles to catch up with foreign luxury brands especially in the age of compact crossover SUVs, Ford Motor Co. is giving its luxury division greater autonomy in conceptual design and marketing strategies as well as greater resources.

While Navigator reminds us of the brand's full-sized sedan unveiled last year, designers are trying to give the car a sexier image with a 'softer and more subtle body shape'.

"The brashness is certainly not we want to be about going forward. We want to be about seduction and allure, drawing people into the design," said Lincoln designer David Woodhouse as quoted in a CNN Money report.

According to Detroit News, the nautical-themed concept car was designed to amplify family interaction. Inside, large HD screens can connect passengers on the headrest. The interior is also equipped with an intercom system so second and third row occupants could easily communicate with each other. Another add-on is a 'customizable wardrobe management system' to hang clothes at the back of the cabin. The SUV concept also comes with a 3.5L twin-turbo V-6 engine capable of unleashing 400 horsepower.

However, Lincoln exec remains tight lipped on the car's detailed mechanical specifications.

The Navigator lineup started in 1997 when Ford was leading in the SUV race. The car was soon overtaken by Cadillac Escalada outselling the former 3 to 1 in 2015, Fox News reported.

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