Regular Marijuana Smokers at Higher Risk of Facing Social and Economic Problems

By Dipannita - 24 Mar '16 06:36AM

For long, substance abuse has been decried by social scientists and health experts for wreaking havoc on the health of people. But as per a new study, it also shares a strong link with social and economic problems.

According to a research study, published in the journal- Clinical Psychological Science, the soft drug marijuana, considered to be the most illicit, is very detrimental to the economic and societal status of people. The study states that people who smoke marijuana regularly as well as those who are dependent on it are more prone to economic and social problems at midlife in comparison to those who do not use it or go for occasional use.

Though it does not offer any proof that marijuana cause these problems, it does establish strong link between the two. It reports that regular marijuana smokers (defined as at least four times per week over the duration of several years) experience more economic troubles like high levels of debt, limits on cash flow, poorer credit ratings and even difficulty paying for food and rent.

Not only this, their mental well-being is also poorer with good chances of exhibiting anti-social tendencies in the workplace along with conflicts in intimate relationships. Last but not the least, they are more likely to land up in lower social class (defined as unskilled laborers) than their parents.

However, the good news is that only a small number (about 9%) of smokers becomes dependent on it as per reports. Still, doubts have been raised with some saying that it is not correctly measured in the first place.

The findings are the results of a comprehensive study based on information collected from around 1,000 New Zealanders in the town of Dunedin, who were regularly checked and interviewed from birth to the age of 38.

The study is unique in the sense that it tried to control many intervening factors related to marijuana use. Hence, it is strictly focused on the abuse of this soft drug, which has been receiving widespread support from people to legalize it.

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