Ben Affleck News: Actor Reluctant To Let Four-year-old Batman-Fan Son Watch New Film

By R. Siva Kumar - 20 Mar '16 21:18PM

Ben Affleck is a super idol for his four-year-old fanboy son, Samuel, but the child will not be permitted to see his father in the latest, eagerly awaited 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' with others in the world when the movie is released the following week.

"Four years old is a little young to see this whole movie," Affleck said in a Friday interview. "I don't want him to have nightmares."

Affleck has been playing the role for his children, especially his son. Hence, he has taken on the cinematic role for the child in various ways. He has played the Dark Knight for Samuel's birthday party and also quietly bribed the FedEx delivery man so that they can stage a fake fight.

His father has featured in the trailers for the movie. The two-minute clips made up the son's "whole attention span anyway."

His eldest ten-year-old, Violet, 10, is also permitted to view the PG-13 rated film. Another seven-year-old, Seraphina, is also desperately in the queue to watch the film.

Affleck said Samuel will be permitted to watch a bit of "Batman v. Superman", even the shorter parts of the film. "I'll have to con one of the editors into giving me a truncated version of the movie without some of the scarier stuff," he said.

Affleck had found his role quite difficult. "It's certainly daunting because of the people who have played this character before and the great filmmakers," he said. "Most recently Christian (Bale) and Chris (Nolan) who made brilliant movies. There is that element of healthy respect you have for the project and for the characters and their history."

"Batman is a guy who on the one hand is powerful and exciting and can do things we all wish we could do but is also still a human being and struggling with his own vulnerabilities," he added.

Obviously, Affleck seems to have tapped his own experiences!

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