iPhone SE Release Date and Rumors: Fate of iPhone SE Rests in the Hands of its Pricing

By Kanika Gupta - 20 Mar '16 15:21PM

As the mobile phone market has become increasingly dynamic, Apple is expected to add its new line of iPads and iPhones on Monday to keep up in the race. Media has already been invited for the Apple event in the company's Town Hall auditorium in Silicon Valley.

In this event, the highly expected new iPhone, tentatively named as iPhone 5SE or simply iPhone SE, is expected to release. With this phone, Apple wants to gain the momentum from a slow season and pave way for a large-screen iPhone that is also slated for later this year. However, Apple has not revealed any official statement about the event details or their product line-up so far.

A message on copies of the invitations posted online simply states "Let us loop you in," prompting some to speculate that new bands for the Apple Watch would be among the announcements.

The four-inch iPhone with body of 5S but hardware of 6S is sure to encourage upgrades.
The most important thing that will promote the sale and acceptance of new iPhones is its pricing. If Apple reduces the price of its new device and the existing phones are priced at $650, the company may be able to reach out to new customer base.

"I suspect this is far more about boosting off-season sales than it is about introducing a new iPhone at a dramatically lower price point, for example, for emerging markets," said Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research in a blog post.

However, Dawson added that the new handset may cost as low as $450 to help the company break into new markets.

With this pricing, Apple will be able to sell refurbished phones between $250 and $350, according to Dawson. He also added, it "suddenly allows the iPhone to hit price points it's never been able to hit before, which in turn could make it more viable in markets like India."

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