'Cash of Clans' 2016 News & Rumors Roundup: Update To Be Released Sooner Than Expected

By Staff Reporter - 17 Mar '16 10:44AM

"Cash of Clans" 2016 update is expected to be this month in March. The world's most popular mobile video game is confirmed to provide new updates to the game and it seems to be sooner than everyone thinks.  

The video game's Facebook page, keeps teasing gamers about expectant new updates. Just recently, a post read, "New content sneak peeks will start soon! In the meantime, read all about the balancing changes coming in this update!" Supercell, the game's developer, hasn't revealed yet exactly what all these updates are, but we can almost be certain of a few.

Fans have been wondering and waiting to see what these new updates are. New features of the game have been leaked and reveal that the game is planning for some big changes. 

As recently reported, one of the biggest updates is adding three new troops. These new troops are called Chain Lightning (a wizard), Rocketeer (a skull-fighter), and Mini P.E.K.K.A (from Cash Royale). Gamers are eagerly waiting on how to use them in the popular video game. Those details haven't been revealed just yet. 

Additionally it is rumored that Healers can be nerfed by 60%. According to Yibada, gamers suspect that developers created this to stop users to surround bigger and stronger troops. 

Another highly anticipated update is about using the heroes, Master Herald reports. Fans haven't been so happy about not being able to use their heroes while they are being updated. They can finally expect for that to be changed. 

What do you hope to see in the next "Clash of Clans 2016" update?

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